SEARCHING FOR SUZY by Graham McGredy-Hunt

On the 28th July 1999 the author began an investigation into the disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh after reading an erroneous statement in the description of a book about the subject. The Metropolitan Police, despite having applied all of the resources that they had available, were unable to solve the crime. It has haunted them ever since.
This book is a chronology of this new private investigation that was, at first, intended to help the Police but after re-opening the case in 2000 they decided to take a different direction. My research had revealed a direct link between Suzy Lamplugh and John West who was the younger brother of Fred West. From that point onwards the murders at 25 Cromwell Street, Gloucester could be seen from a new perspective.
This new investigation also discovered three new victims with a possible fourth and a new killing partnership of Fred and John West. The information contained within these pages will give rise to doubts about the outcome of several high profile murder trials since the 1980’s. The case of the missing Estate Agent has now, after more than twenty five years, been finally solved.
"Searching For Suzy is not a literary masterpiece but it should be read and taken seriously" Dennis Apperley - GLOUCESTER CITIZEN
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